Large family groups, art and service of new ideas

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Large family groups, art and service of new ideas


اعضای تیم گروه هنری و خدماتی اندیشه نو در سال 89-90

Large family groups, art and service of new ideas
Having a contract with the most qualified agents in photography and film, most professional studio and beautiful gardens and …
Is proud to announce their services.

Gallery of bride and groom:
Sport Clips, Video Dating, Portrait, photo studio, garden and outdoors, Forum and Celebration (digital album, frame, list box, makeup and cosmetics with the bride and groom, wedding, etc.)

Child Gallery:
Specialized services for children, newborn baby portraits, practice, worship and celebrate the birth of the child (Child Studio decor specialist and cosmetic box)

  Portrait Gallery Gentlemen:
Specialized services for men, modeling, photos, sports and preparing a video clip (with box costumes, make-up, and utensil)

Advertising industry gallery:
Preparation and banner advertising, design and print, advertising, video production and photography and commercial product introduction …

Video Gallery:
Graphic box, and retouching work Mntazh provider retouching old photos, color and mix and your motivation Mntazh Movie Memories

Mobile Gallery:
This box was created in order to provide better service and work to address these smaller festivals, seminars, conventions, birthdays and … Which is itself a well-equipped studio is moving.

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